"Recognizing Giftedness, Envisioning Possibilities and Providing New Standards for Sustainable Communities"  

     “Our work is only the expression of the love we have for God”- Mother Theresa

The Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation seeks to address the impacts of poverty, social injustice and imbalances, conflict and social dislocation in communities, including their root causes, where we live and work. It is our believe and faith that as we continue to address these problems from their roots causes, we will also proffer practical solutions which when accepted in good faith and translated into positive actions, would become indices for authentic growth, social transformation and genuine development. To achieve this, we will continue to collaborate with others in local, National, Regional and International Initiatives to strategize and develop cultures and practices in which we share and apply our experiences and learning.Our mission is to seek out those who are inclined to listen to God’s Voice and lead them into a mature relationship with Jesus Christ through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our challenge is to connect people to Christ Jesus and to each other for world-class Christian living. Before you leave, please take just one minute to read our Statement of Faith.


We see ourselves as people filled with talents, assests and capacities that are ever evolving. As we constantly recognize, claim, develop and share our gifts and talents, others are invited into this God-given process. Through this, we present healing, wholeness, forgiveness, light, hope, renewal and transformation to our communities as God enlightens us through his Word and Works.


The Foundation provides a platform for the maximum expression of youthful creativity and the harnessing of the rich potentials of Christian youths in Africa, for the promotion of positive social change and transformation towards sustainable growth and authentic development. Our focus is on youth empowerment, neighborhood organization development and community development and service projects that involve youths and organizations working together. We have special interests and commitments to Christian Leadership Development, Prayer and Evangelical Action, Marriage and Family Life Education, Pure Love Education, Culture of Peace Education, Social Justice and Good Governance, Interfaith Dialogue, Research and Documentation, Partnership Development, Skills and Capacity Building. Our doctrine is love and compassion, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. Our core values are truth and sincerity, integrity, transparency and accountable action. We appreciate and value the inherent dignity in humanity’s unity in diversity.Our Foundation is a member of Micah Network, a network of Christian relief, development and justice Organizations from over 75 countries.