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“Our work is only the expression of the love we have for God”- Mother Theresa


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J-Serve is the annual day of service for Jewish youth throughout the world. It is a day on which Jewish teens join their counterparts in other faith communities, other cities and other countries in giving of their time to serve the communities in which they live.

This year, we are organizing the 2007 National Day of Service  in honour of J-SERVE and the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) in Jos-Nigeria on April 22. The program will bring together religiously diverse youths across leading Abrahamic faith traditions from hometowns and Universities across Nigeria to explore and act upon the impulse of service in their religious traditions and work towards better inter-religious understanding. Through the National Day of service we intend to build a national network of faith and civic communities that are engaging their religious diversity in working toward better understanding and cooperative service. For participation details, send us an email at: or