"Recognizing Giftedness, Envisioning Possibilities and Providing New Standards for Sustainable Communities"  


Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation is providing an opportunity, through its “Discover Africa Project” for Christian youths, men and women to put into practice the simplest and most important commandment of Jesus: "Go out to the whole world, proclaim the goodnews". By living and working in a poor community in Nigeria, partnering with a local church or a Christian Organization, volunteering at a home for orphans, the aged and the sick and spending time getting to know the local communities, you will impact the world positively in the name of Christ. Participants will effectively impact the communities while catching a deeper vision for what the Kingdom of God is like.


From the first Quarter of 2008, the Foundation will provide opportunities for committed Christians to serve and worship the Lord by reaching and working among poor local residents in Nigeria and neighboring West African Communities for a period of between 3-12 months. Participants, who will serve alongside a team of dedicated local and indigenous Christians, will tutor, build, nurture, repair, encourage, assist, organize, teach, learn from, listen to, and pray with all kinds of people, all in the name and spirit of the Lord Jesus.

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