"Recognizing Giftedness, Envisioning Possibilities and Providing New Standards for Sustainable Communities"  

We are so pleased you took the time to stop at the website of the Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of love within individuals and society as a whole.As part of our Christian discipleship process, we are committed to developing competencies and character in young people to enable them to respond positively and responsibly to suffering and poverty and to lift human dignity in their communities.We organize conferences, workshops, seminars, career counseling, etc, focusing on potential release, inviting all Christians to depend on and to constantly draw on the grace of God, hear the voice of God and experience His guiding hand through every aspect of their lives so that the Christian walk is recognize and embraced by society as attractive and authentic. 


The Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation is a Nigeria-based registered not-for-profit whose mission is the glory of God, the advancement of God's Kingdom here on earth, the promotion of education and the relief of poverty by challenging and changing those rules and practices that generate and sustain poverty, especially among youths. Our mission is to equip Christian youths, through the love and grace of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, to discover their inherent potentials, live above mediocrity and exhibit Christ-like excellence. We work with local churches and communities to inculcate family values and promote a greater sense of shared experience. To achieve this, we seek the transformation of societies through leadership development, personal transformation, as well as the formation of administrative skills.


We are dedicated to empowering Christian youths to lead others to participate in the life of the Trinity by breaking down barriers prohibiting a growing healthy relationship with God. We are committed to the training and nurturing of young Christians to enable them minister effectively in the name of Christ in the Church and in the world. Our goal is to infect and ignite Christian youths with "Great Commission” Fever for workplace transformation by modeling our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our vision is people transformed and empowered by Christian principles that not only provide outstanding and exemplary leadership, but also act as "Ambassadors" of Christ in the world, "Salts" to the earth and evangelists to their communities. Through our service projects, leadership development, discipleship training and constant dialogue with other community resources, we seek to discover and grow our gifts as God's People in the world.We work with religious leaders, youths  and community leaders in cultivating and facilitating new partnerships and cooperation in order to build stronger and more fully integrated communities. We place emphasis on connecting youths with community and resources in a manner that increases their self-esteem and competency level thereby improving the quality and value of life and community.